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Introductory Prices

  • Fitness Assessment ~$50.00 for a one on one fitness class assessment for placement into specialized fitness classes
  •  Adaptive fitness classes -$15.00 per class
*Group/ Individual PT sessions ~ Call for pricing

*Class Schedule and fees subject to change after introductory time.


Classes to include:

*Adaptive Chair Fitness    ~Mon/Wed 5:00 pm- 6pm    Tues 1030 am- 1130 am 

These classes include cardiovascular aerobics, core strengthening, Upper and lower body strengthening, and balance in sitting and standing. Improved skills using a walker, crutches and cane. All classes will be modified based on need of beginner, intermediate or advanced fitness level.

*Adapative Fitness Bootcamp  ~Thursday 4:00 pm- 5 pm

​ A group fitness class will focus on muscle strength, coordination, flexibility and Improve exercise endurance which will help you have better balance, motor skills, body awareness, strength and health.
The class will focus on individual fitness goals through a variety of workouts based on your fitness ability within a group setti

*Ladies Fitness Hour  ~ Mon/Wed 6:15 pm-7:15pm

Come join me in an hour working on your journey to health and wellness through fitness.