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​​We are a Pinellas County Schools Brightfutures Volunteer Center...

Have your High school kiddo contact their school to request the form needed to be able to participate with my gym. 

Once they have the form, please contact me via email at to set up a time they can come in volunteer with me!!

I am looking forward to giving your student along with my kiddos and adults a great experience working together!! 

~Welcome to our Gym~​​

I am creating a new, fun way to get fitness for kiddos, adults, and their families!! I will have specialized classes for those who have more specific fitness and social needs as well. We will work on learning about health and wellness while getting fit!

I believe that we learn from their families and peers. I believe that working in fitness groups will increase their participation and motivation levels. Group fitness also encourages team work, social skills, overall confidence as well as encouraging health and wellness.  It's important for everyone to have the opportunity learn about health and wellness  to keep them healthy and fit for their lives!

For my adult clients who are seeking medical fitness, we will have classes geared toward their needs as well. We will have classes designed for walker and wheelchair fitness as well as generalized fitness classes.  

​** We are excited to be able to have available for our use- A Ceiling Harness support track to work on weight bearing activities, ambulation skills, balance, gross motor skills and much more in a safe way!! Your loved one will begin to feel the sensation of their own balance and equilibrium while strengthening their muscles and improving their endurance! Space is limited. Call for more details!

**Great news...we are now Gardiner Scholarship (formerly PSLA). You can use your scholarship award to pay for your child's PT sessions with me. Look for classes to begin soon!!! If you need more information on the Gardiner check out their website at

​Sign up below for your first introductory class!  Please put in message the class you are signing up for and the kiddo or adult who will be attending! Go to services link for classes!

Thank you and I look forward to meeting all of you!!

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